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            Now Position:Home > About UsAbout Us

                    Jieyang City Jiamei Printing Packing Industry Co., Ltd. created in 1990, is located in

             Guangdong Province Jieyang City Airport Economic Zone, is a focus color box, label printing 

            production enterprises. After 20 years of continuous development, now has more than ten tho-

            usand square meters of the plant as well as with a full range of automated production equipment.

                    Company faith sincere cooperation, quality priority, daring and innovative spirit, in 2011 in 

            Jieyang area first introduced new Komori super ryoso lithrone four-color printing machine, full a-

            utomatic computerized, at speeds of up to per hour 16500 printing, printing effect is excellent. 

            Division I at the same time, equipped with many sets of full automatic printing production equip-

            ment, from prepress design, printing color box molding process are in the factory finish. High qu-

            ality, high speed production capacity, to meet the needs of customers in mass production, while

             reducing the intangible cost, improve the customer's competitive advantage.

                    In 2015, the company again in Jieyang area first introduced new Zhongtian six PS version 

            of UV label printing machine, supporting Fumo, die-cutting, bronzing, UV, peeled (except for w-

            aste paper edge) etc. equipment, label materials are used Aere senior base paper, suitable f-

            or special high-grade material label, automatic labeling machine process, for your tailor-made 

            products beautiful and practical labeling scheme.

                   We have experienced production staff, strict production management system, strict quality, 

            punctual delivery; we have been committed to improving the level of regional printing, enhance 

            customer brand image; we are looking forward to working with you to create a better and plea-

            sant partnership. Welcome you come to visit our guide!


            Address: Jieyang City Airport Economic Zone Wangjiang fishing Lake Road in the middle

            Phone: 0663-8678720 Fax: 0663-8688720

            COPYRIGHT@2015-2016 Jieyang city jiamei printing and packaging industrial co., LTD. All rights reserved ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

            Technical support:Winsun media Website alliance

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